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Feedback on our presentation skills training

How to present at international scientific conferences, 3 days

"I just wanted to send you a quick note telling you how much I enjoyed and learned from your presentation workshop last week. I must admit that I went into the workshop thinking that I likely wouldn't learn anything new. Boy, was I wrong. I greatly appreciated the high quality, focus and organization in the workshop. I found you to be an excellent teacher and presenter, in addition to being a great listener. I also found your passion for high quality presentations to be contagious - I'm genuinely looking forward to giving my next presentation with the skills that I learned in this course. I think that the potential payoff for students and departments from the relatively minimal investment involved in your course is immense." (PhD student)

"Last month, I could finally apply the knowledge from your course. I presented a paper at a European conference. Afterwards we had a good discussion and two people from the audience came to me afterwards and congratulated me for the quality of my talk. Thanks to your input again." (PhD student)

“One of the courses where you leave with a feeling that you really have learned something and really take something with home.” (PhD student)

“Many exercises to work at and improve your own presentation. Three very useful days!” (PhD student)

"It was just as hands-on as I expected it. Interactive lectures with exercises in-between. I got a lot of feedback from the instructor and the other participants." (Postdoc researcher)

"A lot of practical exercises." (PhD student)

"At the training, I have substantially improved a presentation that I have to present within short at an international conference." (PhD student)

"A lot of help and time to work on your own presentation." (PhD student)

"You get direct and constructive feedback on your presentation." (PhD student)

"Great handbook. Compact and useful." (PhD student)

"At the training, I systematically improved my presentation that I brought along. I had the possibility to give a short presentation that was documented by video so I can watch and improve it even after the training." (PhD student)

"It is great that you can immediately apply what you learned in this training." (PhD student)

"Very good way of learning. I could spontaneously apply the suggested improvements. I got many good ideas for new presentations." (PhD student)

"I was positively surprised. Although I have of course been instructed how to give a presentation before, it was never so precise. During the training I never had the feeling 'I know all this already'." (PhD student)

"Enthusiastic trainer, practical work on presentation was good, being filmed was really interesting and helpful." (PhD student)

"I liked the practical aspects, the atmosphere, the information about audience-related topics. Feedback was also helpful, especially on what the other participants did remember of my talk." (PhD student)

"It was amazing to see how quick I had improved my presentation during the training. At the beginning my presentation was probably mediocre, no big highlights or so. At the end of the training my presentation had a clear structure, was well organised and I presented more confidently." (Early-career researcher)

"In this training, I paid attention to my body language for the first time in my life. Very revealing and I improved a lot." (PhD student)

"This was by far the best workshop I ever attended. The content, the exercises, the experiences and approach of the trainer to teach us how to improve our presentations was excellent. I had three outstanding days where I learned a lot about how to present at an international conference." (PhD student)

"The course gives a concrete and direct instruction to improve almost everything in the way you present." (PhD student)

"Training is very useful and totally worth it. I enjoyed the combination of a relaxed atmosphere and intensive learning." (PhD student)

"Course was given with a lot of dynamic and we felt comfortable with the camera session very quickly. The ambience was friendly."(PhD student)

"As scientists we always focus on the content but we forget how the message is delivered: So, why do we do science? This training offers the possibility to think about aspects that we never focused on or retained important but it can make a big difference if we are at a conference because we have a message! Thanks!" (PhD student)

"Yes, the training covered all the topics important for presenting at international conferences. Great that it was not just theory but a lot of practice as well. We got clear remarks on our presentation performance." (PhD student)

"I saw my own presentation really improving. The trainer is very convincing and the material very useful." (PhD student)

"Amazing to see the differences in quality of the presentations from day one to day three." (Postdoc researcher)

"The training has helped me a lot and I was very motivated to stay up until 2 AM last night revising my presentation to try to make a difference." (PhD student)