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ECTS credits

We offer ECTS credits and certificates for all our courses. The ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) was introduced 1989 by the European Commission. It makes achievements of students comparable and transferable across Europe.

Many academic institutions today work with the ECTS system and require their PhD students to accumulate a certain number of credits during their graduate studies. Participating in our courses can thus help you come closer to your degree. As part of life-long-learning programmes, ECTS credits help making external educational achievements countable for your institution. If you wish to obtain an ECTS credit certificate, please inform us when booking one of our trainings.

The certificate acknowledges your workload, contact hours, and learning goals. We award 1 credit for 25-30 h. In calculating your working load, we acknowledge the time you spent at the training, preparation work, and work after the training (including a written exam).

more information on the ECTS system