Tress & Tress GbR. Improving academic performance.

Our aims & mission

It is our aim to improve the performance of individual academics, universities and research institutes across subject areas. We help them to produce high-quality output, to enhance their reputation and career opportunities, and to improve efficiency.

We are passionate about universities and research institutes as we feel that they bring forth some of humankind's greatest achievements, and thereby serve modern society in countless ways. We are aware of their rapidly changing roles and the increasing demands that they are subject to. We regard change as a positive stimulus - a driving force which moves things forward. We recognise that in order be ranked amongst the top researchers and academic institutions in the world today, far more is involved than just excellence in scientific endeavour.

We specialise in providing academics with the complementary skills they need to excel in their field, to perform at the highest possible level and to achieve optimum career advancement. We help universities and research institutes improve their staff's performance and thereby aid them in gaining international standing.