Tress & Tress GbR. Improving academic performance.

Our concept

We aim to advise at the highest level and for the benefit of each client individually. Therefore, our activities derive from the latest research on each subject. Based on these findings, we identify a set of learning goals and design the curricula of our services accordingly.

Courses are organised in thematic learning-modules, with plenty of hands-on tasks and time for questions and discussion. Participants receive detailed handbooks and clear guidelines to aid them in applying the content of our courses to their own work. We analyse participants' specific training needs prior to each course and then tailor our services to our clients' requirements. Courses can be held in-house at your institute; selected themes are offered as open courses held in Munich. 

open courses

in-house courses

Coaching and consulting services aim at individuals or institutions. We respond to the particular requests of an entire department, a research coordinator or an individual researcher. Clients receive specific advice on how to progress effectively in their field. 

personal coaching

consulting services