Tress & Tress GbR. Improving academic performance.

Coping with the challenges of a PhD, 3 days

“Five stars for this course and there is nothing to add.” (PhD student)

“Do I have a clear understanding of what it means to do a PhD? - Compared to 3 days ago it has increased by 300% I would say.” (PhD student)

“I have a much better feeling now about what is expected from me and the motivation to apply the techniques we learned in the course increased dramatically (to make life easier for me as well as for my surroundings.” (PhD student)

“The atmosphere was great! Course leader was very nice and took time for every question. Professional and supported by empirical data!” (PhD student)

“Really well structured training! Trainer left enough time for questions and discussion, which was very helpful.” (PhD student)

“This course has absolutely met my expectations! Especially all the valuable tools we learned to work more efficiently.” (PhD student)

“I had a work package ‘thesis writing’ in my project plan already, but I was not aware of how helpful it would be to start now and not in the last three months of my PhD.” (PhD student)

“This course should be compulsory for EVERY PhD student at the beginning.” (PhD student)

“I liked everything about this course: structure, content, training, location!” (PhD student)

“I would say these were the most productive and most enjoyable three days ever!” (PhD student)

“I feel way more organised now! This is a perfect course for someone starting the PhD.” (PhD student)

“As a ‘so-lack-of-organisation’ beginner of doctoral student, and before the official enrolment in a PhD programme, this training gave me everything I need to know.” (PhD student)

“I was a complete novice in project planning, but now I have a lot of good tools I can use to help me plan my PhD project.” (PhD student)

“This course has definitely met my expectations! I leave it with so many new ideas in mind to improve my performance.”

“This course was extremely useful. I particularly liked its comprehensiveness. Every detail was presented, every little idea was sketched. Absolutely happy with everything. Thank you!” (PhD student)

"I am very happy about the training and very grateful to Tress&Tress and to you for making available to us all the useful information that you present in your course. My supervisor appreciated my interest about these issues as well! I am really trying to put into practice what we learned in the course. In the beginning, it is a bit hard to get in the loop, but once you do it, your daily life becomes so much easier and less stressful!" (PhD student)

"I have prepared the project plan for my PhD project as you instructed us during the course. […] It was such a huge relief, it made the PhD objectives look particularly achieveable, unlike before when it looked like you are within a thick forest trying to find footpaths through. I think I do recommend it for everyone doing a PhD. It is extremely valuable. ... Also, I was on the stress margin based on the stress evaluation we made during the training, and I have been paying lots of attention to that already. I have tried to procrastinate less and manage my time well. I have also prioritised my meetings with my supervisor better, I prepared well for it and it has yielded more fruits because the next meeting we had was a lot better than it was previously. Thank you very much, the course was a life and career saver for me." (PhD student)

“I am very happy to have taken part in this course. It was dynamic and I got many practical and applicable tips how to deal with my current professional life.” (PhD student)

"Very helpful for the further progress of my PhD study - very good for PhD students in the first years of their study." (PhD student)

"I didn't expect it to be so helpful, thought it would be more theoretical without all the exercises."(PhD student)

"Very helpful, very practice oriented. Teachers speaks from great experience. Many exercises where we could transfer what we learned to our own projects. Nice rounds of discussion where we got insights into PhD projects of other students." (PhD student)

"The training and the activity report really opened the eyes for how much time is wasted with meaningless activities if one is working without clear goals." (PhD student)

"I think this is a very useful training course, particularly at the start of a PhD project, to avoid falling into the obvious traps of doing much other things than the PhD project." (PhD student)

"I learned a lot, I had fun and I am more than grateful for that!" (PhD student)

"Clear and logic structure from start to finish. Good way of conveying the messages. In particular, it was great that the instructor was prepared and knew our individual backgrounds and PhD regulations, so we actually worked on material that was relevant for us." (PhD student)

" I liked working with my own project data. The exercises were really helpful. I was really surprised to see that making a daily plan only takes five minutes." (PhD student)

"Very practical information and help to go through life as a PhD student." (PhD student)

"Very professional and complete course. I love the TRESS & TRESS courses, I always finish with a feeling that I am in charge of my life, PhD and publications." (PhD student)

"From conception to delivery it was excellent. No stone unturned." (PhD student)

“The course programme covered all a PhD student needs to know. The slides, the handbook - great! The exercises were perfect and helped for better understanding. The instructor was professional at the highest level.” (PhD student)

"I have never participated in such a course before. I learned a lot from it and it is really helpful for my coming years as PhD student."(PhD student)

“Quality of this training was very good because the material was very nice & understandable. Now I know how to handle the working & social life together.” (PhD student)

"I really liked the time-management tools we got and that we worked with them in the training." (PhD student)

"Very good structure of the training leaving enough time for good and constructive discussions." (PhD student)

"I enjoyd the training very much and my PhD work will benefit greatly from all the good advices and tools for planning, monitoring and writing." (PhD student)

“The training is good for all PhD students of all disciplines.” (PhD student)

"I wanted to say how much I appreciated the course. From the excellent organisation to the wonderful presentation and tutoring - what can I say? I think I can safely say the course has put my PhD on the rails and given me a clear focus of where to go.” (PhD student)

"The training gave me a new sense of direction not only in my PhD but in my career." (PhD student)

“I would recommend the training because it’s informative and presented in a dynamic way.” (PhD student)

"Instructor very friendly and competent in this field." (PhD student)

"I had the feeling the trainer really cares and wanted to help." (PhD student)

"The time management section is a big help for becoming more efficient." (PhD student)

"I now have a much clearer idea to the future course of my PhD study in practical and scientific terms." (PhD student)

“I had expected high quality, but you exceeded my expectations and it was really nice and entertaining at the same time.” (PhD student)

“I understand my PhD in a new way now, not only as pure scientific project.” (PhD student)

“Very good overview over the most important aspects of being a PhD student. I have now a lot of tools at hand that I want to try out.” (PhD student)

“I liked the application of examples to my own situation. A perfect training, totally.” (PhD student)

“To complete in time is much clearer to me now. I know on what things I have to focus and how to arrange them in time!” (PhD student)

“I think it is very useful for all PhD students to get a clear understanding of what they are doing and what they should achieve and how to get there at best!” (PhD student)

"Very valuable and useful tips, professional training, very close to the needs of a PhD study." (PhD student)

"Great atmosphere, very well targeted at the needs of PhD students." (PhD student)

"Training provided great tools and templates for how to get organised." (PhD student)

"Very clear structure and helpful advice for how to manage the PhD study." (PhD student)

"Very good that the training and exercises were actually designed to meet the requirements of PhD students." (PhD student)

"Very good and clear instructor that provided also individual advice." (PhD student)

"Very relevant content, helpful exercises, good handbook." (PhD student)

"It was very useful for me. It answered all my questions I had about my PhD." (PhD student)

"Excellent learning atmosphere, experienced instructor, well organised course." (PhD student)

"Even handled aspects how to cope with stress and difficult supervisors." (PhD student)

"I enjoyed the great learning atmosphere and the helpful exercises, was great to share problems and solutions with other students." (PhD student)

"Can't wait to apply your tips to organise the next meeting with my supervisor." (PhD student)

"I really enjoyed the exercises because they helped me seeing that I can really organise my project so that I finish in time without being frustrated!" (PhD student)

"I learned a lot, my questions have been answered and I feel better prepared to go on with my PhD! Thanks!" (PhD student)

"I particularly liked the time- and project management parts because they are very relevant at the beginning of the PhD project." (PhD student)

"I liked the friendly way the course was held, how it was structured and the fact that the teacher was very experienced." (PhD student)

"I am more motivated now to do my PhD and have better instruments at hand to make it work." (PhD student)

"It was great that we could not only talk about an issue but also got the tools and techniques to improve ourselves." (PhD student)

"I already used some time management techniques before but definitely learned new techniques to organise work yet more effectively." (PhD student)

"Many really applicable exercises that addresses many real problems. Usually, you never learn this kind of issues in your university education." (PhD student)

"Very complete and professional course. All questions were answered well and the objectives met. I got a great picture of what it means to do a PhD for the next three years." (PhD student)

"Provided good tools that will help me work efficiently in my PhD project. I learned many details that will make the next three years of my PhD project much easier." (PhD student)

"It was good to see how things are going for other students and getting useful hints what one could improve and to get the presented techniques to get better." (PhD student)