Tress & Tress GbR. Improving academic performance.

Feedback on "Improving PhD supervision", 1.5 days

“Very well structured course, very good balance of discussion, lecture, and participant activities.”

“Good overview of current state of the art in supervision, handbook is very useful.”

“I particularly liked the part about reflecting on your own supervisory style and discuss issues with PhD supervision with other participants.”

“Very well prepared material - I will use the handbook as a manual after the course.”

“The course provides a very good hands-on guidance to improve supervision. Very structured introduction into the topic/problem and detailed presentation of tools.”

“Very good input, right length of time, useful for feedback from others and self-check.”

“I enjoyed the flexibility of the programme to include different points of view and stages of experience.”

"As a beginner in PhD supervision, I benefitted greatly from this course - will give me a good start with my first PhD students."

"Great course - we discussed many tools which one can use to improve supervision. No one says you have to do this or that - it's all your choice. In the end, it's our PhD students who will benefit and for us it'll make supervision more manageable and structured."

"I found it great that we transferred each tool to our own PhD students. We even practiced supervisory sessions and collegial feedback, which I may not have tried otherwise, but found it very helpful."