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Feedback on "Paper Clinic"

1-day course
"The training was a push for my motivation. I have a clearer structure in my mind now and some substantial problems were solved." (Early-career researcher)

"Really individual problem solutions and preparation, very good, I am impressed!" (PhD student)

"Very lively, interactive and practical training - well prepared with good reference to the questions of the audience." (PhD student)

"Absolutely clear structure and very concrete advice." (Senior researcher)

"One-to-one session was very helpful for clarifying my publishing strategy." (PhD student)

"It was very good to have someone standing outside to look at the paper." (PhD student)

"The checklist provided was excellent! I have never answered these clear questions so clearly. Most of the paper content was there after answering." (PhD student)

"Informative, individual, entertaining. I got the support for my individual manuscript. All my questions were answered. Yes, there were many tips that I otherwise would not have got." (PhD student)

"It's a great possibility to improve your paper." (PhD student)