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Feedback on "Understanding peer-reviewed publishing"

1-day course
"Comprehensive course, very good structured, close to the questions of the participants, enough time for questions - perfect!" (Early-career researcher)

"Getting all this information and material in a one-day training is really very good!" (PhD student)

"I loved the most that it was truly a beginners course. All of us in the course have to publish. To have one day, where everything we need to know about the peer-reviewed publishing world is covered, is simply amazing." (PhD student)

"I liked seeing the publishing process from an editor's point of view. The instructor found a way of motivating me to write papers while showing problems that might occur without demotivating me, thanks!" (PhD student)

"All my questions have been answered in detail." (PhD student)

"I liked the short exercises, they fit very good to the programme and let you think about presented points." (PhD student)

"The training gives a very good overview on peer-reviewed publishing. I gives me a good starting point to write a paper." (Early-career researcher)

"Training responded very well on the participant expectations." (PhD student)

"The course has clearly improved my knowledge on peer-reviewed publishing." (PhD student)

"Training took away my fear to publish in peer-reviewed journals." (PhD student)

"Training showed me how to develop clear strategies to cope with the publishing challenges." (Early-career researcher)

"Should be part of the training at the very beginning of every academic career." (Researcher)

"I would certainly recommend the training for PhD students and early-career researchers." (Early-career researcher)

“Very good overview, each of my personal questions were answered, competent and well prepared trainer.” (PhD student)

“My overall knowledge on writing a paper in a journal has improved a lot during the course.” (Early-career researcher)

“Good atmosphere, very motivated instructor, very good content and concepts provided.” (PhD student)

“Short and compact, but rich in content.” (PhD student)

“I learned a lot in a short time! Motivating manner of presentation." (PhD student)

“The training really helps when you have no idea about the process and the background. Now I have an idea how to start and what the rules are.” (PhD student)

“Training was very to the point and it took the process of writing step-by-step so it made the whole process of publishing (not just writing) very clear, and I know now where to begin.” (Researcher)

"Very well structured explanation of the peer-review system." (Researcher)

"Very organised! I know so much more about peer-reviewed publishing now! I know it is tough but the course was really motivating!" (Early-career researcher)

"Makes publishing less frightening and difficult." (PhD student)

"I can't wait to start planning my papers now." (PhD student)

"Motivated trainer, good material, well-prepared, all our questions were answered." (PhD student)

"I am already in the process of writing, and am hopeful that I will write a better paper after hearing so much in this seminar." (PhD student)

"I liked everything! The best instructor I ever had!" (PhD student)

"I would definitely recommend this training. I think all new researchers should do it." (PhD student)

"The training was close to practice, provided easy-listening presentations and was a mind-opener in some parts." (PhD student)

"Very well structured, valuable insider information and shared experiences from a former Editor and research scientist." (PhD student)

"A clear structure, a lot of new information, motivation for writing papers." (PhD student)

"Easy way of explaining the most important steps towards publishing in international journals." (Senior researcher)

"Very good structure, I feel very motivated to write a paper now." (PhD student)

"Exercises were very helpful because they make the writing easy when you have something to start from." (PhD student)

"Very informative, to the point, structured, effective. I learned a lot in only one day." (Early-career researcher)

"Very helpful. Wish I would have done this course before starting my first paper." (PhD student)

"The instructor has a good background as a scientist and journal editor to explain the different points appropriately." (PhD student)

"I recommend the training to everybody who never wrote a paper." (PhD student)