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Feedback on "How to publish in peer-reviewed journals"

3-day course

"Last October, I joined your publishing training. The recipe-like guidelines were so clear and easy to follow that I have submitted my paper in December already. After a short review and revision time, my paper got accepted. I'd like to thank you again for your instructions, which clearly have contributed to my paper success." (PhD student)

“Really brilliant structure, quality was very high. Very good training book with very good exercises, also helpful for later work.” (Researcher)

"I can only say, thank you so so much! Your training books are always laying around my desk and they are so so useful! I have to tell you that in the last 2 weeks I have got 2 papers accepted: One as first author and one as second author. Now I am writing my first next paper for my PhD and the writing goes so smoothly and quick by following the course tips." (PhD student)

“Writing my paper and its sections was always the hardest thing for me to do but with your guidelines I am really optimistic that I will now be able to make it.” (Senior Researcher)

"Since I joined your publishing training I have published two papers in good journals with short time. I still use your handbook a lot. It was one of the trainings I benefitted most from." (PhD student)

“There are so many PhD students who have never ever heard about the publishing process. This training will introduce them to this process and take away the fear. It should be a must for PhD students.” (PhD student)

“Training was right to the point. Guidelines are really helpful, breaks up writing into bits and pieces. One of the top 5 lecturers ever, in every aspect. Very good handout.” (Researcher)

"Recently, I succeeded to publish my first paper in a peer-reviewed journal and I would like to thank you for a great course with very useful and constructive guidelines for publishing. With no doubt, my participation in that course has had a very important role in my success in this case." (PhD student)

“Clear guidelines, a lot of material to take home, have already started writing the paper at the training, thus I have something to work with when it’s time to get back to my desk. (PhD student)

“I walk from this course with a recipe for writing a paper!” (PhD student)

"This is probably one of the best and most useful courses I have taken, ever." (Senior researcher)

"I have written more than 30 papers already but I think this course clarified many points which were still rather implicit to me. I anticipate that future writing and submission will be quicker and easier after this course." (Senior Researcher)

“I can now much more clearly see what I want to publish and what is worth publishing. I liked that you could directly relate each section of the course to your own manuscript. My papers will definitely be better in the future.” (Researcher)

"With the help of your training and the use of your handbook I was able to get my first "own" paper through the review process within 4months! Now it is published online and the first big step towards my PhD is done! Thank you very much for your support and the great workshop!" (PhD student)

“Exercises were very helpful to break down the writing process in realistic steps.” (PhD student)

"Thanks again for the great training. It is very useful for me these days! The training handbook is next to me, always!" (PhD student)

“The training was very interactive, all questions of the audience were taken and answered.” (Postdoc researcher)

"I liked the exercises and the idea of having many short modules making up the whole. I also really liked the order in which the material was presented. Very much following the same line as when you actually plan, write, submit and get published." (PhD student)

“Good atmosphere, I learned a lot, the exercises were helpful. I am motivated now to write a good paper.” (PhD student)

“It is much clearer to me now how to write a paper than 3 days ago.” (PhD student)

“I had the feeling I was learning and progressing at all stages of the course - which is a very rewarding feeling. And I feel motivated to start the writing now.” (Researcher)

“Good instructor, highly structured programme.” (Senior researcher)

“The systematic step-by-step process for writing and planning a paper with multiple checks is excellent.” (Early-career-researcher)

"Instructor has good qualifications from both sides (author and editor), really helpful. Also the amount of information covered in the course is excellent." (PhD student)

“I think all PhD students should have this training and many of my professional colleagues would benefit too, as would supervisors.” (Early-career researcher)

“I had high expectations when I came here and I am more than pleased with what I got. I have learned so many things that I feel are very useful. I am so much looking forward to go home and start writing now!” (PhD student)

“When I read about this training I read a quote from a previous participant saying ‘Now I really have a recipe for how to write a good article.’ And this is really true! This was what I wanted and I got that, and even more!” (PhD student)

"Once again, thanks for a course which I feel has helped me tremendously. Being back at work now has made me realise that I do feel much more competent about publishing in a peer-reviewed journal than before. And I will of course send you a mail, when I publish the paper I was working on at your course." (PhD student)

"I learned how to find and select the right journal." (Researcher)

"This training was excellent! It really gave me a push to write! It was meaningful, informative and inspiring!" (Researcher)

"The most meaningful course I have ever attended! It was even fun!" (Researcher)

"I now have a good recipe for a paper." (Early-career researcher)

"Excellent training! I will start writing tomorrow." (PhD student)

"I just want to share with you and your team that my first paper "ever" has been accepted and will be published this year. I found the course indeed very useful structuring the contents of my research during the writing process, and right now I have the Tress & Tress training handbook on my desk in front of me as a guide to write the abstract of my second paper, which of course I finished 2 days ago." (Postdoc researcher)

"I feel much more confident now about writing the paper because now I know the most common mistakes and how to avoid these." (PhD student)

"I liked the training's down-to-earth-message, its clarity and the way it improved my self-confidence in writing and publishing papers." (Researcher)

"I believe the training has increased my chance of getting published!" (Early-career researcher)

"I wrote the skeleton of my paper in the course!!!" (PhD student)

"This is the course I should have taken at the start of my career!" (Researcher)

"The training handbook will be always on my desk, it is so useful. I feel much better prepared for writing papers now." (Senior researcher)

"Great that the course focused on subject areas of participants using examples (e.g. journal articles) as illustrations. The practical exercises were extremely helpful!" (PhD student)

"This training set very high expectations for courses to come!" (PhD student)

"Those who told me that this course was good were absolutely right!" (Senior researcher)

"The handbook is very useful for my future writing." (Researcher)

"The training is logically built up, entertaining and presented by an experienced instructor." (Senior researcher)

"Real value for time and money!" (Head of department)

"I can't wait to start writing my paper now (and I am very surprised I'm saying this)!" (PhD student)

"The training handbook is going to be my bible." (PhD student)

"I have half-written my paper in only three days, great!" (PhD student)

"Publishers should start to think about sponsoring this course, it might substantially reduce their costs in the review and production process." (Experienced Researcher)

"I think I can now publish quicker, i.e. spend less time on writing than before the course." (Experienced Researcher)

"The teacher is very humorous and makes the course not boring at all. The course covers nearly all aspects on how to publish a peer-reviewed paper." (PhD student)

"The training does what it says. It is fast and efficient and very well structured." (Senior Researcher)

"I never published before, so my knowledge after this course went from 0 to 100 in only 3 days." (PhD student)

"It was great how the instructor made difficult things look really easy-to-make." (PhD student)

"Far beyond my expectations!" (Postdoc researcher)

"The presenter was excellent, and the training really good. I feel: 'How could I write an article without this course?' The handbook we got was very useful and will be used in the future." (Early-career researcher)

"I have practically written my paper after the training." (PhD student)

"Yes, I am much more confident and motivated now. The training showed me how writing a paper is not so difficult at all." (Early-career researcher)

"The course is so helpful if you write the first time a manuscript for a peer-reviewed journal." (PhD student)

"After this course, I am not scared of submitting a paper to an international journal anymore." (Researcher)

"It was very good! There was a lot of information for people who are very experienced in writing, as well as for people who do not have a lot of experience." (Professor)

"Every time I came up with a question or suggestion it was answered already five minutes later." (Early-career researcher)

"Very clear instructions, entertaining. Excellent to work on your own paper during the training." (PhD student)

"After the course, I have a paper draft ready and I think it will be improved by following the guidelines provided." (PhD student)

"Of all the courses I have taken so far (>15), this one seems to be the course I have taken the most information of." (Experienced researcher)