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Feedback on "How to review a paper"

1-day course

"I usually hear colleagues complaining about how demanding it is to review, this can be due to a lack of guidance - as we got here." (Senior researcher)

"Very useful guidelines provided that indeed will help to provide a much better supported and organised evaluation of a manuscript." (Post-doc)

"I had little review experience and I was able to fix the doubts I had before and learned tips to do it more efficiently in less time." (Early-career researcher)

"To avoid bad reviews, everybody should attend such a workshop." (PhD student)

"Well structured, good presentation, everything mentioned and discussed. I feel well informed and I can better understand the review reports of my own papers now." (Post-doc)

"The training looked behind the scene of peer-review and we saw the editorial view on the process." (Early-career researcher)

“Course covered all main aspects in great detail. It answered all my questions. It will result in better review reports.” (Senior researcher)

“I really liked the hands-on activities where we are asked to do the different parts of reviewing after the explanation.” (PhD student)

"Thank you so much for all the material. I think the review sheet will help me very much, so I won’t forget the points I have to focus on." (PhD student)