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Feedback on our interdisciplinarity training

How to conduct interdisciplinary projects, 1 day

"The training was very individual. Real problems of our interdisciplinary projects were discussed, very helpful." (PhD student)

"I particularly liked that the training was very much personalised. It encouraged discussion among us that helped to talk about problems openly which we hadn't discussed before." (PhD student)

“Excellent suggestions to avoid the pitfalls and make integration real.” (Researcher)

“Very conducive for exchange of experiences with interdisciplinary research.” (PhD student)

"Very well structured training, friendly and relaxed atmosphere, I enjoyed it." (Early-career researcher)

"Fundamental issues touched, good discussions, helpful exercises to work on integration in your project." (Senior researcher)

"Comprehensive course that provided very good input to the most important points of inter-/transdisciplinary work." (PhD student)

"I really enjoyed the interactive style of the course, the clear presentation of headlines, and the possibility to discuss with other people about interdisciplinarity." (Early-career researcher)

"I particularly liked the definitions of concepts. How the differences between similar concept was made clear was perfect." (PhD student)

"Very clarifying training. The step-by-step approach was very helpful. Great exercises that open your mind." (Senior researcher)

"The training gave me a good base on how to start an interdisciplinary project and on how to deal with the main issues around interdisciplinary research." (PhD student)

"I go home with many ideas how to improve my interdisciplinary project." (PhD student)

"Got many tips how to improve my project and can't wait to practise." (PhD student)

"I particularly liked the exercises to reflect on our own and on working group behaviour." (PhD student)

"Excellent structure and written material to come back to later." (PhD student)

"Great that we were asked about our expectations and problems before the training so that they could be addressed in the training." (PhD student)