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Feedback on our job application training

How to apply for an academic position, 2 days or 3 days

“This course is the best preparation you can get to apply for an academic position.” (Post doc)

“I particularly liked that we got feedback on our application material from the course leader, who is an expert!” (Early career researcher)

“I liked that we had to switch perspectives between applicants/selection committee - that really changed my view!” (Experienced researcher)

“It was so motivating! I really know now how to write a cover letter.” (Early career researcher)

“I think this course was excellent. The handbook is informative, but simplified the information and topics covered are all relevant. The course gives a good opportunity to ask the ‘stupid’ questions that you never know who to ask about.” (Post doc)

“The charisma of the leader, her patience with all our questions and her willingness to give honest and useful feedback. The structure of the course was good as well and I particularly enjoyed learning from everyone else’s job talks, interviews, questions, advice and experience.” (Post doc)

“Great course! I now have a clear idea about all the stages one has to go through to get a permanent academic position. The exercises are very useful!” (Experienced researcher)

“I learned a lot, got many new insights and also very helpful feedback on what I am good at and what to improve.” (PhD student)

“I have more confidence now, the entire process is less scary and I feel encouraged to apply.” (Post doc)

“I feel much more confident now to apply for an academic position and to start the job search.” (PhD student)

“I feel confident now not to drop out because of badly compiled material for the application.” (Early-career researcher)

“Very good combination of theory and practice.” (Early-career researcher)

“Very efficient course, very professional instructor.” (Early-career researcher)

“Met my expectations? - It was better!” (PhD student)

“Great course, thank you!” (PhD student)

“I will recommend the course to staff & colleagues at my own department.” (Experienced researcher)

“The information in the course really made a difference to me, and the material provided is excellent, good balance of exercises & theory.” (Post doc)

“Very informative training, very practical advice.” (PhD student)

"The training has exceeded my expectations! I really appreciated the role play and group work." (PhD student)

“I particularly liked the role plays/mock interviews.” (PhD student)

“I found it excellent to do an interview and to slip into the positions of the head of a search committee and a committee member.” (PhD student)

“The instructor of the course was very well prepared, took time to answer questions, has loads of experience in the application procedure … I could go on forever …” (Early-career researcher)

“Very good overview on where to find job advertisements.” (PhD student)

"The course has a very clear structure, many real-world examples from application letters, invitations to interview, rejection letters and others." (PhD student)

“The course gives a great overview on the entire application process.” (PhD student)

“Very informative and practical course, especially the job interview exercise. Very specific!” (PhD student)

“The training has exceeded my expectations. I really appreciated the role play and group work.” (PhD student)

“Extremely useful instructions on how to set up your own cover letter.” (PhD student)

“Very good insight in application process, well explained, great exercises.” (Early-career researcher)

“Excellent that we had time to interpret different job advertisements.” (PhD student)

"I got a very good overview on the entire job application process." (PhD student)

“Thank you for your good work!” (PhD student)

"The list of interview questions is very helpful." (PhD student)

"I particularly liked the content and structure of the application material as well as the personal comments and experiences made by the instructor." (PhD student)

"Great group work, great experiences of a job interview being in different roles (interviewer, applicant, head of selection committee)." (PhD student)