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"How to apply for an academic position"

2-day or 3-day course

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Your benefits

This course supports you in applying successfully for a post in research or higher education. You work with your own application material and go through a mock application process for a currently existing job opening in your field. Hence, you practise all the main steps of the application process, from where to find the best job openings right through to the final stages of negotiating your contract.  You will learn how to pitch your CV exactly so that it matches the job openings which interest you, as well as gain invaluable advice on how to prepare for job interviews and how to respond to the kinds of questions you can expect from selection committees. We also cover the important matter of what to consider during campus visits, and how to make the best possible impression on your potential employer. You will also learn how to react when offered a position, and how best to negotiate in order to get your career off to a good start.We offer this course at two levels:

  • As a 2-day course when applying for post-doc positions or teaching/research positions at the career-entry level.
  • As a 3-day course at an advanced level, when applying for professorships, or positions as lecturer or researcher. 

What you learn

In the 2-day course there is emphasis on the application process, and preparing written application material. In the 3-day course there is more focus on interviews, and you practice giving a compelling job talk for a selection committee.

  • how the job seeking process works
  • how to locate and de-code job advertisements
  • how to prepare an unsolicited application
  • how to write application letters
  • how to develop a CV
  • how to prepare for job interviews
  • how to prepare the job talk
  • how to make the most of campus visits
  • how to respond to a job offer
  • how to negotiate your contract

Target group

2-day course: Junior researchers, and research or teaching assistants who hold a PhD. PhD students from the second year onwards of their doctoral studies.
3-day course: Experienced researchers and post-docs who want to apply for a professorship, permanent academic staff position, or faculty position. 

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Training details

Venue: Munich, Germany, or in-house at your institute
Duration: 2 or 3 days (9 am-5 pm)
Training language: English
Participants: up to 12

Open course: The course fee is EUR 690 per person (incl. VAT, course handbook, refreshments and lunch). 

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