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"How to present at international scientific conferences"

3-day training course
Level: beginners, no presentation skills required Download flyer

Why attend this training?

This training course provides strategies and techniques to help you give a first-class paper at international scientific conferences. You will learn how to prepare and structure a presentation and understand what makes presentations memorable for the audience. Based on a presentation you prepare beforehand and deliver during this course, we provide you with detailed feedback and instructions on how to communicate more effectively. Your presentation is video-taped to help you self-assess and improve your presentation skills. This video is made available only to you. With the aid of a set of tried and tested instructions, you revise and re-work your presentation and then have the opportunity to deliver it a second time.

What you learn?

  • How international conferences work
  • How to prepare for different types of audiences
  • How to define presentation aims
  • How to structure the presentation
  • How to write the script of a presentation
  • How to prepare slides
  • Effective use of written language
  • How to design, illustrate and provide visuals
  • Effective use of oral language
  • Effective use of body language
  • Effective use of media
  • Efficient timing & rehearsing
  • How to cope with stage fright
  • How to respond to questions
  • How to avoid common mistakes

Who should attend?

Participants who have little or no experience of international scientific conferences and are about to prepare a presentation of their research results for an upcoming conference.

What previous participants say about this course?

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Training details

Venue: in-house at your institute
Duration: 3 days (9 am 5 pm)
Training language: English
Participants: max. 10
Please contact us to receive an offer for an in-house training.