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"Understanding peer-reviewed publishing"

1-day course
Level: beginners, no publishing experience required Download flyer

Why attend this course?

This course provides a general introduction to the system of peer-reviewed publishing. If you have plans to write a paper for a peer-reviewed journal but don't have a great deal of experience in publishing, this short, one-day course is ideal for you. It will provide you with all the information you need to understand the principles of the peer-review system and the most important aspects of preparing and writing a paper. You will gain an understanding of the benefits and challenges of writing a journal paper. The basic writing and publishing rules provided in the course will help you to develop an idea for a concrete paper, to start writing, and to master the major challenges involved. After the course, you will be a more efficient writer and have greatly increased the chances of your manuscript being published.

What you learn?

The course provides answers on the following questions:

  • What is peer-review
  • How does the peer-review process work
  • What criteria are used in peer-review
  • What are the different kinds of publication
  • Who are the readers
  • What are the benefits of journal papers
  • What are the challenges of paper writing
  • How to set up a publishing strategy
  • How to set up a paper plan
  • How to find a suitable journal
  • How to write & edit manuscript sections
  • What mistakes are commonly made by beginners

Who should attend?

Participants who have little or no experience of international peer-reviewed publishing and who are looking for an introduction to the general principles of writing a first paper for an international peer-reviewed journal.

What previous participants say about this course?

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Course details

Venue: in-house at your institute
Duration: 1 day (9 am 5 pm)
Training language: English
Participants: max. 12
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