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How to review a paper

1-day training course
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Why attend this training?

This course trains you to review manuscripts for international peer-reviewed journals. You learn all relevant steps in the peer-review process. You will learn what editors expect from a reviewer and how to write a constructive review report that is helpful for the journal and the author.Numerous hands-on, workshop tasks help you analyse papers of your choice and produce a review report. During the day, you will actively write a review report for a paper selected by you. Your review comments will remain strictly confidential. Learning to critically evaluate a paper well also sharpens up your own paper writing skills. 

What you learn?

  • How does peer-review work
  • What different types of review do exist
  • What are benefits and duties of reviewing
  • Review ethics
  • What do editors expect from reviewers
  • What criteria to use to review a paper
  • How to write a review report
  • How to become a reviewer
  • Why are papers rejected

Who should attend?

Scientists at all career stages who would like to improve their skills to produce a review report for a scientific paper.

What previous participants say about this course?

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Training details

Venue: in-house at your institute
Duration: 1 day (9 am - 5 pm)
Training language: English
Participants: max. 15
Please contact us to receive an offer for an in-house course.